Sustainability Sunday: Source Local Food

Sustainability Tip #4: Local Food

When planning your wedding reception, catering is an integral decision. The quality of food can make or break the experience of your wedding guests, but also the environmental footprint of your wedding. The food we consume everyday has a major impact on the environment, catered food at your wedding is no exception! Consider what foods are locally in season during the time of your wedding. Planning your menu around local food is a great way to reduce transportation related emissions of your food.

Sustainability Sunday: Wedding Stationary

Sustainability Tip #3: Recycled Stationary

First impressions are everything, and your wedding is no exception! Your wedding begins the moment your guests open their invitation. You want to give them a glimpse of what your big day will look like… happiness, excitement, love, and hopefully mindful sustainability.

When crafting your wedding invitations, consider using paper alternatives such as bamboo, hemp, or paper with a high-recycled composition. These invitations will help save trees and the energy and waste associated with paper production! You could also consider plantable tags or cards for your wedding invitations. These cards contain seeds which can later be planted. Plantable invitations will green up your wedding as well as the gardens of your guests! If you are willing to go the extra mile, you could even send out electronic invitations to avoid waste entirely!

Do you have any sustainable suggestions for wedding stationary? Comment below!

Sustainability Sunday: Why waste it when you can donate it?

Sustainability Tip #2: Donate the Waste

Weddings, and other large scale events, can create a lot of unnecessary waste. When your big day comes to an end, you should consider donating all extra items that would have otherwise been wasted. For example, you can take leftover food from the reception to homeless or women’s shelters and donate extra flowers to hospitals or retirement homes. Donating things to people in need continues to spread the love even after your wedding is finished.

Comment below if you have a specific sustainability tip you want to see!

Sustainability Sunday

Hi Everyone!

We are starting a new segment called Sustainability Sunday. Each week we will outline a new tip to make your wedding day more sustainable!

Sustainability Tip #1: Reusable Straws

Single use and disposable plastics are very harmful for the environment, specifically our oceans and marine creatures. By investing in reusable straws for your wedding reception, all those single use plastics will be diverted from the landfill and ultimately the world’s oceans. Additionally, straws could be incorporated as wedding favours. Providing reusable straws for your guests will promote eco-friendly habits even after your big day is over!

Table Setting Conundrums

Over the years of decorating weddings I have come to notice that when it comes time to set the tables, there is always a discussion between the parties as to where things “should” be placed. I am not sure why this is. Perhaps over the years, protocol and traditions change. This is the one picture that will never be deleted from my iPhone. Let’s put it this way, a quick look at this photo and the parties seem to come to a solution to their differences quickly. There is only so much room on the table. Happy we could help.