Sustainability Sunday: Wedding Stationary

Sustainability Tip #3: Recycled Stationary

First impressions are everything, and your wedding is no exception! Your wedding begins the moment your guests open their invitation. You want to give them a glimpse of what your big day will look like… happiness, excitement, love, and hopefully mindful sustainability.

When crafting your wedding invitations, consider using paper alternatives such as bamboo, hemp, or paper with a high-recycled composition. These invitations will help save trees and the energy and waste associated with paper production! You could also consider plantable tags or cards for your wedding invitations. These cards contain seeds which can later be planted. Plantable invitations will green up your wedding as well as the gardens of your guests! If you are willing to go the extra mile, you could even send out electronic invitations to avoid waste entirely!

Do you have any sustainable suggestions for wedding stationary? Comment below!