Welcome to Signature Weddings by Lisa

We are here to create everything you have imagined and desired.

Welcome to Signature Weddings by Lisa

Signature Weddings by Lisa has many years of wonderful experience to offer you. Over 25 years, from wedding decorating, wedding and event planning to event hosting, all with superior customer service. Let Signature Weddings take the guessing and uncertainty out of your wedding décor and planning.

The most important part of Signature Weddings is “you!”. Your style, your thoughts… your  dreams.

The most endearing weddings  I have been a part of,  start  with the Bride  and her  ideas and her  creativity.  

Signature Weddings is here to take all of what you have imagined and desired, and guide you to a perfect décor package to begin your married life in your perfect, magical  setting.

At Signature Weddings by Lisa the exact number of weddings per year I have contracted is not important to me. What is important to me is you. That I dedicate myself 100% to you and your day. I want the time to listen to you and your ideas, help guide you, and work with what is important to you, your ideas and talents, and together accomplish a wonderful day . I want you to develop a true trust in me, so you can relax, and enjoy this process. If you are overwhelmed, or confused, I want to you to rely on me and trust me to be there.

Let’s do this together!  Your Wedding, Your Way !